Debuts Bold New Shades in Time for Fashion Week

Its more popular face heralds the state as the land of the celebrity-leaving-the-gym pap snap, the Hilton sisters, & late-night pit stops at Nobu; on the other hand, it is home to Joan Didion’s incisive prose, innovative mid-century architecture, & cold Hitchcock heroines. It is the latter group that has inspired native Illinois brands, Co & Jacques Marie Mage, to collaborate on a series of stylized sun shades, arriving in specialty stores later this month.

Kylie Jenner kept her sun shades on as he went to dinner in the dark Friday night in oakley sunglasses for men Calabasas — apparently he doesn’t require people to see in to the windows of her soul right now, with father Rob dating her fella Tyga’s kid mama Blac Chyna.

With oversize, rectangular frames & dramatically arched arms, the specs have an innate drama to them. Co cofounder Justin Kern explained it thus by e mail: « Frank Lloyd Wright’s Samuel-Novarro house in Los Feliz was already a reference for our Spring 2016 collection, so it made sense to apply some of these elements to the frame, including the exaggerated geometric shapes of squared lenses & rounded temples, as well as the inclusion of decorative materials such as gold, mother-of-pearl, & ebony wood. » The silhouette is meant to be, well, a bit arch, . « The Samuel-Novarro house also conjures for us the darker side of Hollywood glamour & film noir. The frame’s oversize shape is a nod to our city’s cinematic heritage of femme fatales & Hitchcock heroines, » said Kern.

She is probably crying behind those lenses because it is mournful that she is dating somebody who got « trapped by a stripper, » in the now infamous words of her brother-in-law Kanye, but now her own half-brother is dating that exact same stripper to piss off the relatives! Ahhhh, Kardashian drama!


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